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This site is devoted to the Western as one of the oldest genre of the cinema. You can find here a lot information about the history of this genre, the outstanding persons of this genre, about actors and directors of the films, and of course about the films. We'll be happy to read your comments to the films' reviews and to know about your favourite films. 

Encyclopedia of Wild West Films
Decorating With Western Movie Posters

Have you thought of decorating your living or recreation room with western movie posters? Do you think the idea too casual or rustic? I think it's a wonderful idea. You are certainly free to disagree with me, but one thing is for sure, I like to use western movie posters for my living room adoration. I have seen many wrinkled faces, especially from the friends of my parents ? they expect me to have artworks from classic or contemporary painters. I love to catch them by surprise. I also know all of them now love western movie posters. They take them on a nostalgic trip to the days of their youth.

Douglas, Kirk

Douglas, Kirk

Douglas, KirkActor. Kirk Dou?glas is most at home in the melodrama, with a?performance?style?of?barely?contained emotional explosiveness and below-surface tension. However, he has appeared in many successful Westerns and both directed and acted in Posse.?In Man Without a Star he becomes a symbol of the genre's 'freedom versus restraint' theme with his hatred of being fenced in, and in Lonely Are the Brave he becomes a symbol of the outdated West?ern?? hero?when?he?is?run?down?by?an articulated truck. He also appeared as Doc Holliday in Qunfight at the O.K. Corral.

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Cooper, Gary

Cooper, Gary (1901-61) 

Cooper, GaryActor. At Para?mount in 1925, Frank Cooper (the 'Gary' came later) was a lanky kid from Montana, picking up a living as stunt rider and cowboy extra. Engaged by Henry King to ride in The Winning of Barbara Worth, he was promoted, when another actor tailed to appear, to play the vital small role of Abe Lee. Already the Cooper sincerity stood out, and a career could begin. Stardom came three years later, with the title role in the most famous version of The Virginian. For 30 years Cooper's heroes, whether in the West or the city, were cut to the same pattern. They were quiet and thoughtful men, unassuming and gently humorous, and they wore their integrity without conceit. Though arguably not his best Western, High Noon won him an Academy Award,  

Coburn, James

Coburn, James (1928 - 2002)

Coburn, JamesActor. Coburn made his debut in Budd Boetticher's Ride Lonesome, became one of the Magnificent Seven and then played the key role of Sam Potts in Sam Peckinpah's Major Dundee. Although subsequently he was sidetracked into the spy movie, he managed to re-establish himself as a presence in the genre with splendid performances in Leone's Giu la testa and Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. In the latter film he played the legendary lawman who gunned down his erstwhile friend.

Cameron, Rod

Cameron, Rod (1912-85)

Rod CameronThe Code of the West surely ordains that the hero should not divorce his wife and marry her mother, yet in 1960 Cameron, six foot four and very tough indeed, did precisely that. It was a striking episode in an otherwise straighttorward career, which led him from?? stunt double? for Buck Jones to? small? parts at Paramount, and then on to leads in serials, B-Westerns, television series, and towards the end to the far-off pastures of German and Spanish Westerns.?

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